Menu by Concern

Menu by Concern

Eyes and eyelidsEyelid Surgery

The first step in addressing eye and eyelid concerns is to listen carefully to each individual’s ideal of “what kind of eyes they want to have. The eyes are an important part of the face that determines the impression of the face, but it is very important to look not only at the eyes but also at the face as a whole. We offer carefully designed and carefully performed surgery with minimal swelling to achieve a balance that gives the impression of natural and beautiful eyes with no discomfort. Please consult with us until you are fully satisfied with your eyes and eyelids.


We understand that many of you may have concerns about rejuvenation. At our clinic, we offer a higher grade of rejuvenation treatment using the most advanced regenerative medicine. We also offer treatments to improve sagging and dullness using our unique PRPF method. Please contact us to discuss what kind of treatment is right for you.

Keloid and scar revisionKeloid and scar revision

Keloids and scars from burns, car accidents, and surgeries can be reduced in appearance. We would like to help you get rid of your complexes, lighten your heart, and help you walk through life with a positive outlook. Please do not give up and contact us.

Small face, saggingSmall face, sagging

Just as each person’s face shape is different, so is the treatment for a small face. For example, the approach to a small face will vary depending on whether the cause of the problem is muscle tension, fat, or sagging. Please consult with us to find out what kind of treatment will help you achieve a smaller face. For sagging skin treatment, we offer a variety of procedures such as HIFU + IntraGen GFR, the popular non-invasive facelift, and PRPF, our original regenerative medicine, which will help you feel the effects of facial tightening and lifting.


By dramatically improving expression wrinkles such as those between the eyebrows, at the corners of the eyes, and on the forehead, you can brighten the impression of your face and restore its youthfulness. Please come in for a consultation.

Acne scars/poresAcne scars/pores

Acne is one of the most common problems for men and women of all ages. At our clinic, we offer treatments to treat acne itself, as well as to tighten and smooth out uneven acne scars and enlarged pores that stand out. In addition, further effects can be expected when combined with regenerative medicine using stem cell culture supernatant.

Blemishes, melasma, dullness, whiteningBlemishes, melasma, dullness, whitening

We offer laser treatment for melasma and melasma, and light therapy (phototherapy) for freckles. For “dullness,” we offer the most advanced regenerative medical treatment. We also provide careful aftercare using internal medication and medical cosmetics.

Moles and wartsMoles and warts

Warts, moles, etc.-We provide reliable and scarless treatment under the diagnosis of a dermatologist.


We offer laser treatment for blue, red, brown, and black birthmarks. We provide scarless treatment for both children and adults under the diagnosis of a dermatologist.

Nipple and areolaNipple and areola

The number of problems in the delicate zone is actually very large, and most people suffer from them alone. Many people are unaware that young people have sunken nipples, and middle-aged and older people have urinary leakage and female genital problems. The director is a woman, so please do not be shy.

female genital areafemale genital area

There are actually a great many problems in the delicate zone, and most people suffer from them alone. Young people with sunken nipples, middle-aged and older people with urinary leakage and female genitalia problems, etc., are problems that many people do not know they have. Our director is a woman, so please do not be shy to consult with us.

thinning hairthinning hair

Do you feel that your hair has lost its bounce and body, or that it has become difficult to set? Our clinic offers a higher grade menu that promotes hair growth and hair loss using the latest regenerative medicine and prevention of thinning hair. Our director is a woman, so please feel free to consult with her.

Medical Laser Hair RemovalMedical Laser Hair Removal

Medical hair removal is a treatment that can only be handled by medical institutions. Laser hair removal causes very little damage to the epidermis and is highly effective. In addition, in the unlikely event of a problem, the patient can receive medical attention from a doctor, so hair removal can be performed with peace of mind.


We offer a variety of cosmetic infusions and injections to suit your concerns. We also have NMN infusion, the first rejuvenation infusion introduced in Kyoto, so please feel free to consult with us.



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